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Moor = Earth Product list

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Chronic pain detox

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Bohemian Black Clay

C$ 90.00

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Humic Acid, natural detoxer
Dry Black Clay  found in Western Bohemia 40% Kaolinite, 35% Illite, 16% Organic Substances Active ~ weathered volcanic rock minerals from the Earth. Clays such as Kaolinite and Illite have been used by mankind as a part of natural medicine for tens of thousands of years. Today the art of healing with the Earth is formally known as Pelotherapy, healing clays are used around the world in hydrotherapy, balneotherapy, natural medicine and alternative medicine.   


Moor Mud face & body Mask- Bath -Wrap

C$ 60.00

(C$ 15.00 shipping)

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Moor Mud face & body, 1kg jar-  4 full Body mask (8oz ea), 5 full Baths (6ozea) and or enough face masks to last 24 months.  

Mask, Bath, wrap, Pack, Poultice!!

Hungarian Moor Mud Purifying Black Mask. Ion exchanging, decongesting, natural detoxing, hydrating, nutrient and mineral rich Hungarian Moor Mud from Lake Heviz helps to purify, refine, hydrate, feed, whilst revitalizing freeing of toxins and impurities ,minimizing pores , fine lines & wrinkles for all skin types.  

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Peat Sachet singles

C$ 19.00

(C$ 15.00 shipping)

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8oz Therapeutic Bath, Pack, Poultice

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Treatment 16 Sachets

C$ 200.00

(C$ 0.00 shipping)

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CZECH NATURAL PEAT CHRONIC PAIN RELIEF ACTIVE Torf Czech moor Peat  is packaged in a non-altered, non-processed state and are used frequently in traditional spa treatment, or balneotherapy. Torf  Czech moor Peat mud is pollution-free with no added chemicals, having passed rigorous testing by the Czech Ministry of Health before being certified for use in balneotherapy. Deep extraction, Unultered state of Czech spa region no younger than 12,000 years. Enriched with high amounts of humic & fulvic acids  

IMAGE DISPLAYS PEATfor DRY FACILITIES. Contact Peat packs and Hydro Packs (blue packs that are filled with Moor as well for optimum retention of heat) are available for PROFESSIONALS only.

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Saprox Sulfuric Clay

C$ 55.00

(C$ 12.50 shipping)

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    Saprox is a 100% natural anti-fungal clay rich in natural sulphur that offers many benefits to human skin. It is a thousands years old sediment from the bottom of an ancient glacial lake. Saprox's significant healing effect is inhibiting and preventing growth of fungus and yeast. Saprox contains minerals and substances that are products of the decomposition process without oxygen of organic materials ( humic acids, elements of steroid and hormonal nature). These become an important part of Saprox's complex effect. The anaerobic condition where Saprox exists prevents parasites, fungus and most bacteria from invading the mud deeming it safe to use on skin without open sores. Do not apply Saprox to an open bleeding skin wound. It is fine to use Saprox on small cracks formed by Tinea pedis (athlete's foot).  


Forage for Horses

C$ 200.00

(C$ 0.00 shipping)

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5Kg/ 128.8oz

Give your Horses energy and keep them immune to disease. Protects against bacteria and parasites   - Ion exchanging  Strengthens skeletal, muscular and hooves  biggest ,effectively helps & treats whilst  preventing indigestion, diarrhea, colic, catarrh and parasites. Prevents breeding diseases corrects intestinal discomfort- Increases fertility and stamina - Accelerates strong and healthy growth - Helps turn fat into muscle - Strengthens disease resistance (IMMUNE) - ASSISITS in  weight control.